The First And The Last Hillsong Worship

Writer(s): Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Hillsong

BPM: 112

Key Range: Gb - B

CCLI #: 5407325

Scripture Reference(s): Rev 1:8

Verse 1
You are the First and the Last
Beginning and the End
The promise of wonders to come
The future is in Your hands
Caught in the light
With all the earth we will sing
Verse 2
You are the author of love
Our freedom is in Your Name
Embracing the cross meant for us
And bought us to life again
Caught in the love with all we are
Let us sing
God our hope and our salvation
Worthy of all the praise
Be our light everlasting
Great is Your Name
(Jesus the First and the Last)
Verse 3
Show us the way of Your love
Lead us toward the truth
Stir up the fire in us
To live out this life for You
Caught in Your Name
Jesus forever we'll sing
(Repeat Chorus)
Every heart every nation will hear the sound
As Your light breaks through the darkness
And Your Name rings out
Every distant horizon will meet as one
Singing holy is Your name
We sing holy is Your Name
Jesus the First and the Last
Jesus the First and the Last
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