Remain Ben Cantelon

Writer(s): Ben Cantelon

Theme(s): Faith & Trust

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): ThankYou Music

CCLI #: 5035326

Verse 1
Defender of this heart
You loved me from the start
You never change
Through the highs and lows
As seasons come and go
You never fail
Day after day
Your love will remain
Faithful and true
You are good
Verse 2
When troubles come my way
You guide and You sustain
Lead me I pray
Forever You will be
The great eternal King
Now and always
Verse 3
You are God with us
You're victorious
You are strong and mighty to save
For Your Word stands true
There is none like You
And when all else fades
You remain
2007 Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)