No Greater Love Matt Maher

Writer(s): Audrey Assad, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher

Tempo: Fast

Ministry(s): ThankYou Music

CCLI #: 5553671

Scripture Reference(s): 1 John 3:16

Verse 1
For the city, for the world we pray
Let Your light shine down
Come around and live in us
For the close and the far away
Everywhere You are
We lift high the banner of the cross
There is no greater love than this
No love but this
Jesus Christ laid down His life for us
There is no greater love than His
No love but His
Verse 2
To the city, to the world we go
Set us free, heal the land
You have promised, God, You can
To the last and the least we go
Everywhere You are
In the poor, in the broken
In the crowded city streets
In the towers, in the money
In the strong and in the weak
In the orphans and the widows
In the churches and the bars
You are everywhere
God, You are everywhere