Land of My Father Matt Maher

Writer(s): Leslie Jordan, David Leonard, Matt Maher, Paul Moak, Luke Hellebronth

Tempo: Medium

BPM: 114

Original Key(s): B

Key Range: A-D

Recommended Key(s): B

CCLI #: 7038200

Scripture Reference(s): Isaiah 6:3

Verse 1
There's a sweetness in Your presence
All Your children running home
Singing songs of exultation
Lifting up Your name
In the land of my Father, oh my soul will sing
Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty
We sing Holy, Holy, my eyes have seen the glory
Of the great God Almighty
Verse 2
There's a patience in Your Spirit
Waiting for that day to come
Peace beyond all understanding
Never-ending joy
God Your goodness, I have tasted
Jesus I have seen