Countless Wonders Chris Tomlin

Writer(s): Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Matt Armstrong

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Passion

BPM: 81

Key Range: Gb - B

Recommended Key(s): G#

CCLI #: 6454748

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 40:5

Verse 1
You reign in endless power
Above the world You made
Across the sky is written
Your majesty and praise
And still You move in mercy
And hear the humble heart
For every soul that's searching
Jesus, there You are
Your beauty fills the sky
Your glory reigns in brilliant light
Great God of countless wonders
I will lift my eyes
Verse 2
The mysteries of Heaven
And all Your works displayed
Every star, every ocean
The universe proclaims
For every sun that rises
Your faithfulness to me
Like the changing of the season
Like the river to the sea
No one can fathom all Your mighty works, O God
Just one glimpse of You, and I am overcome
You open up Your hand and pour out once again
Your everlasting love