Come Let Us Worship

Writer(s): Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves

Tempo: Medium

Ministry(s): Passion

Recommended Key(s): G

Scripture Reference(s): 1 Chron. 16:25

Come, let us worship the King of kings,
The Creator of all things.
Let your soul arise to Him,
Come and bless the Lord our King.
Come and fill this place with Your glory,
Come and captivate our gaze;
Come and fill us with Your fire,
That the world might know Your name.
For You are God,
And You’re worthy to be praised,
And You are good,
For Your love will never end:
The great I Am,
You are faithful in all of Your ways.
Lord, my heart and voice I raise,
To praise Your wondrous ways,
And with confidence I come
To approach Your heavenly throne.