Brother Moon

Writer(s): Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor

Tempo: Fast

Recommended Key(s): C

CCLI #: 6189415

Scripture Reference(s): Luke 19:40

Verse 1
Brother moon
Shine down your light on us tonight
Show us the love of God
Sister sun you bring out the day
You’re shining the light of God on your face today
Maker of it all
You provide it all
In You we live
In You we move
In You we have our being
You’re glorious
You’re holding us together all together
Verse 2
Brother wind your clouds and your storms
You’re breathing the breath of God in your lungs for us
Mother earth, you’re giving us life with God’s open hand you always provide
For us
You are everything good, you are everything beautiful
You are everything, you’re everything